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      • 9,50
        • Threading game of FSC® 100%-certified wood in the shape of a piece of cheese
        • The mouse and cheese encourage children to playfully practise the act of threading
        • Particularly easy for children’s hands to grip
        • A compact pastime toy that’s ideal for trips
        • Trains hand-eye coordination and concentration
        • High-quality, clear-lacquered beechwood
      • 15,00

        Who can do maths the fastest? With this mathematics game made of wood, the goal is to solve ten maths problems in the range of 10s with fast addition and subtraction while the hourglass runs out. To do this, the equation cards have to be placed by the correct solution tiles. With 110 different maths problems and a self-check function, it’s ideal for preschoolers and children in primary school. The raised part of the solution tiles fits in the holes of the game cards for solid fixation. This game can also be played by multiple people, and at the end, players can compare and see who solved the most problems. Beginning learners can also play without the hourglass, which is ideal for preschoolers and children in primary school who are just starting out with addition and subtraction. For easy self-checking, the reverse sides of the cards are colour-coded with the corresponding solution. All numbers tiles and game cards are stored securely in the wooden box with a sliding lid so they can be taken with you when on-the-go. It’s pedagogically valuable maths training with a fun and action factor!