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Welcome to our online store, where you’ll find an extensive selection of top-quality products specifically designed for kids. From educational toys that promote learning and development to charming tableware and accessories, we have everything you need to create a vibrant and engaging environment for your little ones. Our carefully curated collection ensures that each item is not only entertaining but also offers educational value.  Start shopping now and unlock endless possibilities for their growth and happiness!

Our Picks

Check out our picks selection for the very best pieces from our shops.

  • 47,50

    Anything can happen in the wild! Start your expedition with the Safari Animals set for a roaring good time. Monkey around with magnetic, savannah-themed tiles as you explore the vibrant-colored habitat with your four safari sidekicks.


    • Four magnetic safari friends, including: Giraffe, Monkey, Lion, and Elephant
    • Savannah-themed set with leaf and footprint tiles in realistic colors
    • Figurine sizes vary (3″ to 6″)
    • Encourages open-ended/unstructured play, storytelling, and creativity
  • 47,50

    Go for a walk on the wild side! The new Forest Animals set is designed for hours of screen-free, frustration-free fun and STEAM learning opportunities. Explore the wonderful wilderness with four forest animal friends as they play together amongst the towering trees and bubbling streams.


    • Four forest animal friends, including: Raccoon, Owl, Bear and Deer
    • The first-ever tree/leaf pieces
    • Tree, stream, and footprint tiles with realistic details
    • Encourages imaginative play, storytelling and creativity
  • 89,00

    Volcanic explosions, molten lava, and ferocious dinosaurs are bursting onto the scene! This Dino World set features four oversized, fully-magnetic dinosaurs and brightly-colored, volcanic-themed tiles for play potential that never goes extinct.


    • Four magnetic dinosaur figurines, including: Pteranodon, T-Rex, Stegosaurus and Velociraptor
    • Figurine sizes vary (3″ to 6″)
    • Each dinosaur has movable parts ready for action and imaginary play
    • Sparks a curiosity for STEAM topics, including paleontology
  • 79,00

    On your mark, get set, build! The Grand Prix 50-Piece Set has kids racing to finish their creations with unique, frost-colored tiles and wheeled chassis pieces. Start your engines and meet each other on the speedway for a fun day of meaningful play!

    • Racing-inspired set includes wheeled chassis and unique, frosted tiles.
    • Frosted tiles are colored on one side with a white glaze on the other side, giving them a pastel-like appearance.
    • Kids will learn valuable math, science, spatial and tactile skills as they race their cars and build with classic geometric shapes.
  • 136,50

    The secret is out:  Anything kids can dream, they can create with the MAGNA-TILES Metropolis 110-Piece Set! Sure to spark hours of meaningful play, this set is not only our largest yet… it also includes vivid colors and unique pieces, allowing children to build anything from a high-rise city skyline to a bustling colony in outer space.  Designed for kids ages 3+, this set checks all the boxes that make learning fun, encouraging the understanding of: basic geometric concepts, color theory, STEAM skills, teamwork, problem-solving, and more.  It’s why MAGNA-TILES sets are the go-to choice for playrooms and classrooms across the world! 

    • What’s Included:  110 magnetic pieces, including 56 Squares, 2 Large Squares, Triangles (12 Equilateral, 12 Right, 10 Isosceles), 6 Windows, 4 Quarter Circles, 2 Wheeled Chassis, 2 Staircases, 1 Large Rectangle, 1 Spinner, 1 Door, 1 Arch
    • What Makes It Unique:  The most pieces in any MAGNA-TILES® set, featuring our most vivid colors yet and unique pieces not found in other sets (windows, wheeled chassis, stairs, spinner).
    • Developmental: Certified STEAM toy, per Dr. Gummer’s Good Play Guide™, in partnership with The Toy Association™, for aiding in the development of fine motor skills, bilateral coordination, cognitive skills, executive functioning, creativity and more!
    • Great for Gifting:  Tops wish lists every year for children ages 3+.
  • 126,00

    Welcome to the big time. The Classic 100-Piece Set gives children next-level building opportunities with even more magnetic tiles in bright, vivid colors for their most incredible creations ever. Larger-than-life animals, robots that run the world, and architectural wonders come to life while helping kids learn shapes, colors, strategy, and problem-solving skills. These high-quality magnetic tiles are just the right size and magnet strength for little hands and a must-have building set for growing imaginations and bigger ambitions

    • Features classic geometric shapes for endless open-ended play experiences.
    • Provides more tiles for kids with big imaginations who love big builds.
    • Must-have for larger families and classrooms and guaranteed to be enjoyed for many years to come.
    • Develops kids’ creative thinking, language, cognitive, motor, social and emotional skills.
  • 32,00

    Beep, beep!  Someone new is zooming around the MAGNA-TILES® world.  These unique Dashers are designed to ride along traditional Squares, as well as our new Ramps and Roads. Discover exciting, imaginative play possibilities with Dashers today

    • Includes age-appropriate pieces for frustration-free play and adventure, including the first-ever, fully-magnetic Figures and Vehicles.
    • Kid-powered Dashers are specially designed to ride along Squares, Ramps and Roads for frustration-free play – their wheels ride on the outside of tiles and a small brake on the bottom regulates speed.
    • Introduce the new magnetic Figures to your MAGNA-TILES® world and experience a new level of imaginative play. Figures include magnets in the arms, feet and head to interact with your existing MAGNA-TILES® pieces.
    • Part of the new MAGNA-TILES® In Motion collection.
  • 79,90

    Car-loving kiddos, we have something for you!  Introducing MAGNA-TILES Downhill Duo 40-Piece set, the first fully magnetic racing adventure that’s designed for little hands and big imaginations.   Looking for a new way to inspire their creativity, build their motor skills, and support their STEAM learning?  Buckle up and imagine the possibilities with new Ramps, Roads, Dashers and Figures!

    • What’s Included: 40 magnetic pieces, including 4 Ramps, 2 Vehicles (Green and Purple), 2 Figures (Green and Purple), 6 Road Squares, 2 Finish Line Rectangles and 24 Squares.  
    • What Makes It Unique: Includes Ramps, Dasher vehicles, Figures, Finish Line Rectangles and popular Road pieces, providing an easy, child-led way to introduce exciting action and STEAM learning to play time. 
    • Developmental:  Encourages children to learn through play, exploring cause and effect and other logic principles, while fostering the development of hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.
    • Great for Gifting: Makes a great gift for car-loving kids ages 3+.
  • 30,00

    Line up for creativity. You’ve got everything you need to expand your Magna-Tiles® creations with the Rectangles 8-Piece Expansion Set. Put a new angle on playtime with these large squares and rectangles — shapes so popular among fans that we created this special expansion pack.


    • Includes large magnetic square and rectangle shapes
    • Great expansion set for added height and strength
    • Builds children’s math skills through play
  • 26,40

    It’s a new angle on creativity. The Polygons 8-Piece Expansion Set features brightly colored diamonds and polygons for enhanced building potential. Discover a new side to building when you combine your polygon shapes with other Magna-Tiles® building sets.


    • Unique polygon shapes, including diamonds and pentagons
    • Expansion pack for creative building and learning opportunities
    • Empowers mathematical minds through play
  • 56,70

    Little builders, assemble! The fan-favorite Builder set is taking imaginative play and STEAM learning to new heights with extendable magnetic cranes and popular Road tiles.  New ideas are around every twist and turn, where your favorite toy cars and magnetic construction vehicles can assist the crew or take a spin on the easy to assemble streets.

    • Includes two extendable magnetic cranes that ignite imaginations and improve dexterity.
    • Features wheeled chassis, popular Road tiles and Brick tiles to enhance construction-themed play.
    • Fun and unique way to introduce young minds to STEAM concepts like architecture and engineering.
  • 55,70

    There’s no place like home. Give little builders and imaginative minds the freedom to create the miniature house of their dreams with the MAGNA-TILES® House 28-Piece Set. Turn an equilateral triangle into a lamp, or a square into a sofa, and bring a whole new world of imagination to life. Includes a sheet of reusable stickers — with 20 home-related images — and unique door and staircase pieces to make a house feel like home.

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