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Welcome to Little Sustainable Bee

Welcome to our online store, where you’ll find an extensive selection of top-quality products specifically designed for kids. From educational toys that promote learning and development to charming tableware and accessories, we have everything you need to create a vibrant and engaging environment for your little ones. Our carefully curated collection ensures that each item is not only entertaining but also offers educational value.  Start shopping now and unlock endless possibilities for their growth and happiness!

Our Picks

Check out our picks selection for the very best pieces from our shops.

  • 22,00

    The cute magnet doll “Magda” has 34 clothes pieces in her luggage and is waiting to be dressed up. Positioned on a wooden base, Magda is ready for her first outfit. The magnetic clothes pieces only have to be pinned on the correct spots. The magnets offer the perfect outfit for every occasion. Magda is a special doll to dress up. You can style her with many different dresses and accessories on magnet foils. With the shoes, trousers, shirts and dresses fashionable outfits can be assembled for events like gala concerts or beach parties.

    • create new looks in seconds with the magnetic dresses
    • including three hats, four tops, three trousers, a skirt and two dresses
    • the colourful clothes combinations are easily attached to the stand-up model
    • promotes creativity
    • in a wooden box with transparent sliding lid
  • 98,90

    This colourful vehicle with its geometric shapes for plugging in and the tool mix of hammer, saw and screwdriver guarantees versatile motoric fun! There is plenty of storage space under the seat with holes for mounting the screws, nuts and connection plates. Smooth-running, rubberized wheels on metal axles and the vice with rotating spindle complete the play pleasure. The cart is made of a mix of materials: MDF boards, solid wood and untreated beech wood.

    • High play value through playful, motoric learning
    • Made of colourfully painted, durable MDF boards, solid wood and untreated beechwood for long-lasting playtime fun.
    • Special highlight: Vice with rotating spindle can be mounted however you want!
    • Extra storage space also for on-the-go – screws, nuts and connection plates can be mounted under the seat and the tools can be conveniently stowed away
    • With rubber rings on the wheels for quiet rolling noises
  • 34,95

    It´s like a puzzle but just more interesting. Logistic enthuses immediately and trains the fine motor skills! The goal is to put all the plates with the coloured holes on them to the suitable coloured pillars. However, that´s easier said than done…! Think precisely, look accurately and try to plug the suitable discs – a great plug-in game that trains motor skills and hand-eye coordination! 8 stable discs (1 cm thick) made of finely elaborated plywood to be placed on coloured bars. Since the bars are of different lengths and each disc has always its aperture smaller than the previous one, that means there is only one way to solve this game!

    • Plug and play game with high play value – look closely, think, try and plug in the right way!
    • A challenge for little thinkers – eight different wooden discs are to be placed on the coloured rods
  • 24,95

    Learning about the weather and seasons in a playful way and at the same time also learning about days, weeks and months and how to tell the time. Which day is it today? This is all possible with this wonderful board and the great thing is that everything can be seen at a glance. As all terms are shown in English, learning a new language is easy and fun.

  • 16,50

    For a culinary outing with dolls, this picnic basket is perfect! The set of ceramic crockery and cutlery in great colours is a real eye-catcher on the picnic blanket. This set includes four coloured spoons, cups and saucers as well as a milk pot, a sugar bowl and a coffee pot. All the pieces can be safely stowed in the picnic basket lined with red and white chequered cloth! Who’s in the mood for a round of tea?

  • 22,00

    This educational game made of FSC® 100% certified wood requires concentration! Who manages to push the color patterns shown on the wooden boards to the right place? A tricky affair in which the thinking skills and concentration as well as the understanding of colour combinations is playfully promoted. A nice color learning game.

    • FSC® 100%: This product is made entirely of wood from FSC-certified forests.
    • Playfully promotes the ability of pre-school and school children to think, pay attention and concentrate.
    • Support right from the start: The colourful design trains the understanding of colour combinations and perfectly complements the entire Educate series.
    • The logic and activity toy is an exciting pastime for on the go
    • In an attractive colourful packaging a nice gift for school beginners or primary school children
  • 49,00

    The beauty salon is open! Young princesses can style themselves however they want and look at themselves in the tilting mirror. Various wooden make-up and hair-care utensils complete this set and can be stored in the drawer divided into three compartments in order to save space. Mirror, mirror on the wall – Who is the fairest of them all? With its compact size, this make-up table will fit in practically every children’s room or nursery. With only eight screws, it can be quickly assembled. Additionally, the multiplex board impresses customers with its large proportion of wood material used and its stability.

    • For young princesses
    • Incl. lipsticks, hair dryer, hand mirror and wooden comb
    • Incl. a drawer for all accessories
    • Made of high-quality wood and toy paints
    • Approx. 33 x 18 x 43 cm
  • 38,00

    What´s the plan for today? This children´s calendar made of FSC® 100%-certified wood with magnets offers a variety of possibilities to give young children an understanding of days, weeks, months and seasons. Simple, colourful symbols and large numbers can be easily recognised, even in passing. Thanks to the included stickers, this planner can also be used in the languages of German, English, French, Spanish, and Italian. Seeing the daily tasks is also practical for older folks. It makes it easy to see if there’s sport planned for today or if it’s a pool day. This daily planner made of 100% FSC®-certified wood is ideal for nurseries or living rooms because even children love structure in their daily lives!

    • FSC® 100%: This product is comprised entirely of wood from FSC®-certified forests
    • Learning board for easy learning of days, months, years and seasons via independent positioning of the magnets
    • With eight different task magnets, this planner gives a great overview of the weekly tasks to be done
    • The highlight: This calendar can be decorated with stickers in five different languages
    • An ideal gift for a birthday or for the first day of school!
  • 47,00

    Attention all mini-baristas! With this cool professional coffee machine made of wood, you’re guaranteed to be able to make the perfect cup of coffee in the children’s play kitchen. The two turning knobs that make clicking noises and a moving filter holder which deposits “coffee” in the transparent coffee glasses when activated offer a realistic playtime experience. You can even make different kinds of coffee specialties! On the back is a writable board and an explanation of the different types of coffee. A modern coffee machine with milk frother as an eye-catcher and perfect addition to the play kitchen! Drinking coffee just like Mum and Dad! This filter coffee machine not only promotes active role-playing, but also the development of motor skills. With this coffee machine, children can imitate their parents’ daily rituals while learning social skills. The next round of coffee at breakfast will definitely be made by the kids!

  • 38,00

    With this stable wooden toolbox in a Scandinavian design, young master builders will always have their professional tools at hand! Equipped with four tools and all kinds of accessories, they can start building immediately. When flipped around, the toolbox also works great as a mini-workbench! The fact that the handle and accessories can be mounted on the toolbox as desired allows for plenty of space and additional playtime fun. Comes with a clamp! Set is comprised of a hammer, spanner wrench, screwdriver, pipe wrench, screws, nuts, perforated pieces, nails, and cubes. The workpieces can be secured with the large clamp before assembly. Tinkering and building trains creativity and fine motor skills while encouraging active role play.

    *from 3 years 

  • 34,95

    The Very Hungry Caterpillar – from the well-known book by Eric Carle – is also musical. With this music set, the first notes on the scale can be climbed.

    (1 tambourine, 1 castanet, 1 recorder, 1 maraca)

    *from 2 years 

  • 22,00

    This picnic case is designed for little doll lovers who want to have a fun tea party with their dolls or cuddly toys. Four colourful cups, four plates, four spoons, a sugar and milk bowl and a teapot are included in this beautiful basket . The basket can be taken anywhere and, with a picnic blanket, is ideal for green meadows or your own garden.

    • A small lover’s set for the tea party of dolls and cuddly toys.
    • Four dotted cups in three colours, four plates, sugar and milk bowl and a ceramic teapot, spoons in matching colours.
    • All this packed in a nicely shaped rattan basket with handle.
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