Privacy Policy

Who we are

Our website address is: By using our website, you may leave personal data behind. In this privacy and cookie policy we describe what we do with this data and the extent of your control over the data.

What personal data we collect and when?

When you buy any of the product form us, when you register with us or indicate that you would like to receive messages from us, we ask you to share certain personal data.

This personal data could be:

  • Your contact information, including name, e-mail, telephone number and physical address;
  • Personal characteristics such as gender and date of birth;
  • Your payment details;
  • Your credit card data which we receive from our payment service providers in anonymised form;
  • Your personal preferences such as marketing and cookie choices.

Personal data can also be collected when you use and this data can be passed on to us by the technology platforms that provide you with the service. It is, for instance, possible that your internet browser or mobile devices share certain data with us because these devices interact with You can find more information about this below in the section about cookies. This data comprises:

  • Device IDs, location information, browser, network provider, operating system, screen resolution and the support of web technologies in your browser such as flash and java;
  • Cookies, IP addresses, data that identifies your internet browsers and their version, and web beacons and tags;
  • If you visit on your smartphone, we also receive data about the brand and model of your smartphone, input method (for example touchscreen) and active operating system.

Your own control

Often internet browsers or mobile devices provide additional resources that allow you to determine yourself when your device collects or shares certain types of information. Your mobile device or internet browser can, for instance, provide resources you can use to check the use of cookies or the sharing of your location. We encourage you to use these resources. Where necessary, we ask you for permission.

Why and how we use (process) your personal data

We use the personal data we collect from you for the following purposes:

  • To supply your chosen products and services: when you use our webshop at, we use your data to supply your selected product and to provide you with an extra guarantee;
  • For Little Sustainable Bee business operations: we can use the data you have shared if it is necessary for our own operations. For instance, if you make a purchase, we can use the information for our book-keeping;
  • To protect the rights, property or security of Little Sustainable Bee or others: we can also use the data relating to how you use the website to prevent and identify fraud, misuse, illegal use and violations of our conditions of use and to comply with court orders, requests from governmental authorities and applicable legislation;
  • For general research and analytical purposes: we process data about how our visitors use our website in order to better understand the behaviour and preferences of our customer. Technical information is useful for us because we continually want to improve our website, for example by ensuring that the website works on every possible device;
  • For other purposes: we can use your personal data in other ways as well and will provide you in this situation with specific information and, if required, request your permission.

We always process your personal data on the basis of legal principles. The legal principles on which we base our processing are:

  • The processing is necessary for the representation of our legitimate interests. Our legitimate interests include being able to fulfil the above-mentioned purposes;
  • The processing is necessary for executing an agreement to which you are a party;
  • You have given permission for the processing of your personal data.

Sharing your personal data

Little Sustainable Bee prefers not to share your personal data with third parties. If this does happen, however, it is for a specific reason. It then concerns:

  • Third-party service providers who process personal data on behalf of Little Sustainable Bee, for instance for the processing of credit card and payment data.
  • Other third parties where this is necessary to: (i) fulfil requests from governmental authorities and court orders or to comply with applicable legislation; (ii) prevent illegal use of our website, (iii) defend ourselves from third-party claims; and (iv) assist with fraud prevention or investigations into fraud (e.g. imitation).


When you use our website, Little Sustainable Bee receives information from your browser and stores this information. We use different methods, such as cookies, to collect this information, and these can contain the following data: (i) IP address; (ii) unique cookie code, cookie information and information about whether your device is equipped with software that provides access to certain functions; (iii) unique ID, type of device and screen resolution; (iv) domain, browser type and language, (v) operating system and system settings; (vi) country and time zone; (vii) information about your interaction with our site, such as click behaviour, purchases and selected preferences, (viii) access times and referring URLs.

We use cookies to follow how our customers use and to obtain insight into the preferences (such as country and language choice) of our customers. Our aim here is to provide our customers with a better service and to improve their online experience. We do not store the data we obtain via cookies for longer than necessary to fulfil the purposes for which we collect the data, unless the law requires otherwise.

In general, we use two categories of cookies on our website:

  • Functional: These cookies are necessary for the basic functionality of and are therefore always enabled. This category includes cookies that ensure that the shopping bag and the check-out process are possible and they assist with security issues and compliance with regulations;
  • Performance: With the help of these cookies we can improve the functionality of our website by monitoring how it is used. In some cases, these cookies allow us to process your request more quickly and make it possible for us to remember the preferences you have chosen. We make use of Google Analytics. You can find a link to the Google Analytics privacy/cookie policy here.
    You can choose not to be followed by Google Analytics. Read more about this option here.

Changes to our Privacy & Cookie policy

If we revise our privacy & cookie policy, we will post the changes on our website. If there is a legal requirement to ask for your permission or to inform you before we implement the changes, we will do so. This privacy & cookie policy was last changed on 21 February 2021.