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        2 positions to evolve at the rhythm of baby’s growth!

        • On the stomach, baby discovers many activities, while strengthening the muscles of his neck and back.
        • Sitting, the cushion is placed on baby’s lap thanks to its ergonomic shape.

        A multitude of activities to explore to awaken baby’s senses: a teething ring, a transparent rattle, a mirror, leaves with a funny crumpled paper sound, different textures…

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        To awaken baby’s senses, there are many activities to discover:

        • Fine motor skills: a handle with 3 beads to slide.
        • Taste: 2 soft parts to chew to relieve baby’s sore gums.
        • Hearing: a “squeaker” and crumpled paper to entertain baby.
        • Touch: Different materials to discover.
        • Sight: Bright, contrasting colors to attract attention and awaken the eye.

        Easy to grab and carry thanks to its handle.

        Age : 3 months +

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        The protruding parts of the book encourage baby to turn the pages and discover different surprises: Kiwi the bird hiding behind a cloud, Sophie la girafe playing hide and seek with the leaves, the pyramid of crackling sand…

        To awaken baby’s senses, there are many activities to discover: 

        • Taste: a teething ring to chew on to relieve baby’s sore gums.
        • Hearing: a “poet-poet” and crumpled paper to entertain baby.
        • Touch: Different materials to discover.
        • Sight: Bright, contrasting colors to attract attention and awaken the eye.
        • Fine motor skills: several elements to manipulate

        Practical, the universal hook allows to leave it always near baby (stroller, park …).

        Age: 3 months +. 

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        A plush 3 in 1 to accompany baby to the land of dreams:

        • Cuddly toy cuddle : to bring softness to baby’s sleep thanks to its soft fur.
        • Star projector function: several colors to decorate the room.
        • Musical function 15 lullabies including nature sounds and heartbeats to help baby fall asleep.


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        A 100% foam module to promote gross motor development and sensory exploration!

        It has 3 playing positions: Lying on top: Baby builds his neck and back muscles and wakes them up thanks to the various activities placed on both sides of the cloud (mirror, ribbons, sound of crumpled paper…)

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        A multi-sided activity board with over 14 activities toawaken baby’s senses and develop fine motor skills.

        To awaken baby’s senses:

        • Touch: a variety of materials and textures, labels to handle.
        • View: bright, contrasting colors, black-and-white elements, a mirror. 
        • Hearing: a rattle, crumpled paper.
        • Taste: a chewable ring to soothe gums during teething.
        • Fine motor skills: marbles to slide around, a zip, a turnstile, laces, rubber bands…
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        Multi-support activity mirror, ideal for entertaining baby on the go and allows parents to keep an eye on baby

        Thanks to its 2 rings, it can be easily fixed to multiple supports (stroller, bed, park, car…).
        It can also be placed on the ground with its base on the back.

        Seeing his reflection allows baby to become familiar with his image.
        Practical, the mirror also allows parents to always keep an eye on baby during car rides.


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        This toiletry bag is ideal for transporting essential items for the bath and taking care of the baby. With zip and carry handle, accompanies your child on all his journey.

        Clever: with integrated hanging eyelet. The elastic bands allow you to store all the essential accessories for the baby.

        Contents: a brush and a comb with motif Sophie, the Giraffe®: the brush has an ergonomically shaped handle for extra comfort for parents and for easier learning by the baby. For greater safety: brush with soft nylon brushes, does not irritate the baby’s scalp, and comb with rounded teeth. A bath book “Sophie, the Giraffe®” for your baby. Clever, easy to grip and easy to use, size ideal for small hands, tailored to the baby. Funny, with bells to promote hearing. A bath thermometer “Sophie de Giraffe®” to maintain a continuous overview of the temperature of the bath water. Thanks to the symbols and the accurate scale, it is easy to read the temperature of the bath water on the thermometer.

        Practical: the thermometer can be used after bathing to view the room temperature. Works without batteries. A toy “Sophie die Giraffe®”, floats and splashes water. Swims in the bath water and splashes water when squeezing the body.

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        Roller to climb, roll and ride to develop baby’s motor skills and balance.
        It can be carried everywhere!

        Multifunctional toy to make baby move and develop his motor skills.
        Different activities related to the awakening of his senses are added to the pleasure of playing, rolling and moving.

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        The swaddles 100% cotton Sophie la girafe are essential accessories for baby! They can be used as a comforter, a bib or to protect baby in his stroller…

        • Soft for baby’s skin, they are very resistant for daily use.
        • Durable: the more you wash them, the softer they get!

        Care instructions: Wash before first use.

        Lange: 70 x 70 cm

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        This box includes 4 swaddles with pretty printed patterns.

        A soft and resistant material for the happiness of baby and his mother.

        Essential accessory of baby, the swaddles Sophie la girafe serve as well as :

        • Baby comforter
        • Stroller cover
        • Protection for the changing table
        • Bib

        Each diaper has a different print and color:

        • a sage green diaper with white spots,
        • a white diaper with a fir green leaf print,
        • a gray diaper with a white print of Sophie the girafe,
        • a golden yellow diaper with a white print of the silhouette of Sophie’s head gand a little heart.

        Durable, the more you wash them, the softer they become !

        Age : 0 month +

        Product dimensions: 70 x 70 cm

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        A MAXI textile cube that offers more than 9 activities to awaken baby’s senses:

        • Touch: various materials and textures, labels to handle
        • View: bright and contrasting colors, a mirror 
        • Hearing: a music box, a rattle, crumpled paper, Kiwi bird with a squeaker, bells…
        • Taste: a ring to chew to relieve the gums during teething.

        Kiwi the bird to hide in a pocket, and many other surprises to discover!


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        A pyramid to hang with more than 6 activities to awaken baby’s senses! 

        To discover:

        • bright and contrasting colors
        • crumpled paper
        • soft and varied textures (corduroy, micro-velvet, felt…)
        • teething ring to chew on
        • bell
        • mirror

        Practical, a clip allows to hang the pyramid on many supports (stroller, bars of the bed, handle of car…) 

        Surface washable.

        Age: 0 months +