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        Learn the letters of the alphabet by matching the simple pictures to the letters. Illustrations feature a wide variety of cheerful characters, from astronauts to mermaids. There’s no tricking this clever puzzle, as only the correct cards will fit together! This allows your child to self correct their jigsaws.

        Each puzzle 13 x 6.5cm.

      • 7,50

        Animal Match is a fun animal snap for children aged 3-6. Be the first to get rid of all your cards by matching them to others players! This fast-paced travel game is great fun for the whole family, with friendly animal characters younger children will enjoy and fast-paced gameplay that will appeal to older children.

        Perfect for travel, at home or on holiday, the mini games are Orchard Toys’ smallest games in a compact and portable size. The mini games also make perfect pocket money toys, birthday gifts and Christmas stocking fillers.


        • 32 animal cards
      • 6,90

        This fun sticker colouring book features bold, uncomplicated and friendly animal pictures for children to colour and be creative with, from everyday animals like dogs and cats to exotic koalas and monkeys. This simple colouring book is also a great tool to develop early pencil skills. Includes 34 colourful stickers!

        Our colouring books have been designed with education in mind, helping to improve hand eye co-ordination and encourage creativity with clear educational goals. Each of the books features bold, age-appropriate pictures of familiar Orchard Toys characters, plus fun step-by-step activities to reinforce early learning skills. This colouring book is suitable for children ages 3 and over.

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        This beautifully illustrated jigsaw depicts a wide array of dinosaurs, from a triceratops to a t-rex, in a lush, prehistoric setting. Children will love talking about the different dinosaurs they can spot!

        Puzzle size 58 x 40cm approx.

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        A bright red bus themed 15 piece floor puzzle! An excellent puzzle to entertain, learn and decorate his room! Everyone is on this big red bus! A fun and colourful puzzle with a bus that has many interesting passengers to learn many things.

        Suitable from 2-5 years.

        Dimensions 59 x 42cm.

        Pieces 15

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        These colourful puzzles include a variety of construction themed vehicles such as a digger and a cement mixer. The jigsaw also includes 6 extra play pieces for added value and to encourage imaginative role play.

        Each puzzle 16 x 12cm approx.

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        Spin the octopus spinner to see how many fish you can catch, but do take care…there’s a shark out there! Spin the spinner, count the number of bubbles and collect the matching cards on your fish board. But watch out! If you turn over a shark card, it will eat all of your fish and you’ll have to start again! The player with the most fish at the end of the game is the winner!

        The excitement of this game is in the anticipation of turning over cards…will you turn over a shark card or collect more fish?! Children will also love the fun shell spinner. Player boards and cards feature a number of friendly sea creatures, including clown fish, starfish, crabs and puffer fish, and can be used to show children the different creatures that live underwater.

        • 30 bubble cards
        • 4 jar boards
        • 1 spinner
        • 1 instruction leaflet
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        Christmas game, activity book and 30-piece puzzle set

        • Perfect Christmas gift
        • Features a Christmas themed lotto game
        • Features a 12-page activity book
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        A puzzle that encourages children to recognize colors by associating them with familiar objects! Colors and images can be combined to create colorful themes of 5-piece puzzles, where only the right cards fit together! Kids will love the colorful characters, from purple monsters to gray elephants!

        Suitable from 3 years

        Dimensions 7 x 27cm.

        Pieces 12×5

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        Based on traditional dominoes, the aim of the game is to get rid of your cards the fastest by building a domino line! Dinosaur Dominoes develops matching and observation skills as players match the right dinosaur to the end of the domino line. Older children will also enjoy talking about the different types of dinosaurs they can see on the cards! This travel size game is for 2 – 4 players and suitable for ages 3 – 5 years.

        The mini games are Orchard Toys’ smallest games in a compact and portable size, perfect for at home or on the move.

        Box contents:

        • 28 dominoes


        Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts. Choking hazard.

      • 13,00

        Practise opposites with these 2-piece activity puzzles! With twenty different puzzles to complete there’s lots to talk about and the friendly, prehistoric characters are sure to have children laughing – from a compsognathus weightlifting to a spinosaurus on skates, a woolly mammoth with curly hair and a diplodocus in welly boots! Features chunky, wipe clean pieces to withstand the wear and tear of grubby hands.

        As children piece together these prehistoric puzzles they will be developing their language skills and their hand-eye coordination skills in a fun way!

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        The most ideal puzzle for babies who come into contact with such a game for the first time It is suitable for babies from 18 months+ The cardboard of the puzzle is particularly durable and is very easy to clean Give your baby the opportunity to know the wonderful world of puzzles through the colorful dinosaurs. With this puzzle the child will become familiar with colors faster but also increase his creativity.

        The pieces of the puzzle are large and impressive with wonderful drawings that will allow your baby to observe the most beautiful and impressive details of the mysterious and original dinosaurs.

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        Help the dinosaurs to find their missing spots! This fun game features double-sided dinosaur boards with three ways to play!- on one side a shape board and on the other a colour board. Throw either the shape or colour dice and be the first to cover your dinosaur board with the correct pieces.

        Dotty Dinosaurs features beautiful hand drawn illustrations of different types of dinosaur, which parents can use to discuss with children. They can also discuss the different types of shapes they can see in the game, from simple shapes like circles and squares to the more complex semicircles and diamonds.


        • 4 double-sided dinosaur boards
        • 36 shapes
        • 24 coloured dots
        • 1 shapes dice
        • 1 colour spot dice
        • 1 instruction leaflet
      • 7,50

        Collect spotty bunnies and discover the eggs in this fun counting game that makes the perfect sugar-free alternative to an Easter Egg! 

        Spin the carrot spinner and choose a bunny card showing the same number of spots as the number on your spinner. Turn over the card which will show a number of eggs on it – the more eggs the better! The winner is the player with the most eggs at the end of the game.

        As part of Orchard Toys Mini Games range, Egg Surprise is compact and portable in size making it perfect for travel, at home or on holiday.

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        This colourful, farmyard-themed game can be played both as a single player pairing activity or a memory game. Young players can start by turning all the farm cards picture side up and trying to match the head and tail parts. This deceptively simple matching activity can be altered for more advanced play by turning the cards picture side down and playing as a matching and memory game. Children can also develop their maths skills by counting their pairs at the end of the game.

        Featuring twelve friendly farm characters and objects to match, Farmyard Heads & Tails encourages observational and memory skills whilst introducing very young children to the concept of turn-taking! Young children will love the bold and colourful illustrations, and the large, chunky cards are ideal for little hands.

        In late 2016, Farmyard Heads and Tails won a Bronze award in the prestigious Mother & Baby awards in the ‘Best Toddler Toy Under 24 Months’ category.

        • 24 chunky cards (12 pairs)
        • 1 instruction leaflet
      • 9,50

        These six first puzzles feature friendly farmyard animals children will love, including a pig, a chicken, a cow, a goat, a horse and a sheep. With two simple, chunky pieces to fit together, this jigsaw is perfect for young children and toddlers to develop their hand-eye coordination. Farmyard jigsaw puzzle can also aid speech development by encouraging children to say aloud the name of the different animals