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      Gripping, shaking, rattling! A wooden ball clatters around inside these baby rattles with small, colourful beads in transparent tubes. What fun for your eyes and ears! It’s an ideal baby toy in a set of 2 for developing motor skills and sensory perception. Particularly easy for babies to grip and…

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      TINY YOGA COLLECTION was created with the smallest sports enthusiasts in mind. Yoga is the art of the harmony of body and mind. Now parents can successfully instil in their children love for exercise that will pay off throughout their lives.

      The development of the child’s motor skills has a significant impact on proper psycho-physical development. Pyramid-shaped toys of this sports and educational collection enable children to acquire new skills: practice grip, carry numerous moving elements from section A to B, receive tactile sensations through different textures. 

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      Multi-support activity mirror, ideal for entertaining baby on the go and allows parents to keep an eye on baby

      Thanks to its 2 rings, it can be easily fixed to multiple supports (stroller, bed, park, car…).
      It can also be placed on the ground with its base on the back.

      Seeing his reflection allows baby to become familiar with his image.
      Practical, the mirror also allows parents to always keep an eye on baby during car rides.