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      The practical baby walker for the first steps with its robust building blocks also offers great fun at the same time! The smoothly ground 51 geometric wooden building blocks train the understanding of colour and shape and motor skills at the same time. The braking system on the rear wheels…

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      • Threading game of FSC® 100%-certified wood in the shape of a piece of cheese
      • The mouse and cheese encourage children to playfully practise the act of threading
      • Particularly easy for children’s hands to grip
      • A compact pastime toy that’s ideal for trips
      • Trains hand-eye coordination and concentration
      • High-quality, clear-lacquered beechwood
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      This house provides a nice experience for kids! With its various locking bolts, a U-lock and a hinge lock, this lock house made of FSC® 100%-certified wood promotes the development of children´s concentration and fine motor skills. Many day-to-day situations can be playfully practiced and tried out with this house.…

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      TINY YOGA COLLECTION was created with the smallest sports enthusiasts in mind. Yoga is the art of the harmony of body and mind. Now parents can successfully instil in their children love for exercise that will pay off throughout their lives.

      The development of the child’s motor skills has a significant impact on proper psycho-physical development. Pyramid-shaped toys of this sports and educational collection enable children to acquire new skills: practice grip, carry numerous moving elements from section A to B, receive tactile sensations through different textures. 

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      One flower joins another! The playful recognition of colours and shapes is the focus of this sorting box made of FSC® 100% certified wood. The colourful, double-sided motif strips are decorated with fruits and animals. The small tiles are sorted into the box at the right place.
      The special feature: all individual parts disappear tidily into the box until they are used again. Who can sort them the fastest?

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      Which color goes where? With this color sorting game, little caterpillar fans learn to recognize and sort colors in a playful way. Six pictures are completed in the course of the game with the help of a color die and the colored game pieces. An instructive fun game that can be played in two variants and trains fine motor skills in addition to color recognition! The solid wooden panels are printed on both sides in high quality and can be stowed in the jute bag together with all the game materials. Ideal for on the go!

      *from 3 years