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        Whether it’s early musical education or training motor skills – this wooden toy makes both possible


        Height: approx. 47 cm, Ø approx. 39 cm

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        Service is still very important here! Aspiring car mechanics will get their money’s worth at this garage from the small foot world game world! The workshop made of FSC® 100%-certified wood and stable plastic elements comes with a car wash, mechanic, taxi, tools and lifting platform. The filler necks are attached with magnets. So go ahead: Park the taxi on the roof and open the barrier to go down the ramp. The mechanic will check your car on the lift, make repairs with a screwdriver and wrench, and as a special service, there’s a free car wash. Then we continue with a full tank! Thanks to the diverse play options, also in connection with many other small foot World products, this car repair shop is an absolute hit in the children’s room! Please note that this article previously had the article number 10799.

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        This sturdy wooden balancing board combines movement training with fun! The level of difficulty can be individually adjusted thanks to the two wooden balls that can be screwed into different positions on the underside of the board. Body tension and balance are challenged in different ways! The round shape of the board ensures a sufficiently large standing area. Either one of the two wooden balls can be screwed in the middle or offset on the underside.

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        On your marks, get set, go! With its simple, timeless design, this compact car racing track made of sturdy wood fits into any child’s room. The size is ideal for small children’s hands. Four colour-coordinated cars ensure fast, entertaining driving fun again and again! Marble and race tracks promise a high educational play value and accompany children from 18 months. A classic that should not be missing in any child’s room!

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        – Activities: 20 in 1
        – Material: Plywood (FSC certified)
        – Furniture: high quality, durable metal furniture
        – Paint: 100% safe for kids UV print (DIN EN 71-3)
        – Certification: BUREAU VERITAS UK (CE, DIN EN 71, ASTM)
        – Age: 1 – 3 years
        Warning! Do not leave your children unattended while playing with the ball (located on The Sea side of the cube)! Choking hazard – small parts (ball).

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        – Activities: 6 in 1
        – Material: Plywood(FSC certified)
        – Furniture: high quality, durable metal furniture
        – Paint: 100%safe for kids UV paint (DIN EN 71-3)
        – Age: 1 – 3 years

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        The BusyBag, a real fabric busyboard, has been designed to develop the ingenuity of each child:
        – Develop fine motor skills
        – Work on patience and agility
        – Improve your intellectual abilities
        – Work on the precision of your movements
        – Develop hand-eye coordination
        – Learn while having fun

        ✅ A complete awakening and learning toy:

        ⚙ REALISTIC TOY: A toy linked to reality. More than 10 different closures, laces, buttons and clasps from the world of adults and adapted to the little ones, will allow the child to discover mechanisms that he will encounter as he grows up

        🧠 EDUCATIONAL TOY: The different closures allow children to work on their fine motor skills and dexterity while having fun

        🖐 COORDINATION: The different more or less complex mechanisms allow the child to improve his skill and work on his motor skills

        👶👦 SCALABLE TOOL: The different elements adapt to the stages of the child’s development. For example, he will learn to tie his shoelaces or to close a jeans button.

        🤩 LEARNING THROUGH PLAY: The BusyBag allows children to have fun and promotes their learning and understanding of the objects around them

        🎨 CREATIVITY: The many hidden drawings and the different options offered allow him to invent a story. The child can thus create game scenarios and develop his creativity and imagination.

        🔒 SAFE DESIGN: The BusyBag meets the highest European safety standards. The different parts are studied and adapted to small hands and thought for the safety of the child

        👜 FABRIC: The BusyBag is entirely made of fabric. The different parts and closures are in Nylon, plastic or metal to stick as closely as possible to reality


        🎯 For 2-3 year olds
        – He works his skill
        – He discovers and opens the first closures and Clips
        – He marvels at the sight of hidden elements
        – It improves his hand-eye coordination
        – He develops his creativity

        🎯 For 3-4 year olds
        – It refines its motor skills
        – He develops his autonomy
        – He uses his imagination
        – He practices to open more complex closures
        – He recognizes the environment and the characters

        🎯 For 4-6 year olds
        – It improves concentration
        – It opens the most complex closures
        – He matches the closures of his daily life with those of his BusyBag
        – He masters knots and laces.
        – He integrates his BusyBag into his play environment

        🥇 What children learned with the BusyBag
        – Master the precision of your movements
        – Work on patience and agility
        – Master simple closures
        – Master complex closures
        – Develop your creativity
        – Fun to play


        – 100% Safe: 100% Compliance with European Toy Safety requirements. Sizes and shapes of parts in accordance with official safety templates

        – 100% Eco-Friendly: 100% Fabric and 100% Eco-friendly

        – 100% Quality: Designed and designed in France. Neat finishes. Robust design and quality of materials

        – 100% awakening: Thought for the Psycho-motor development of the child. Fun and entertaining


        39 x 30 centimeters

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        Once released at the top, the small articulated trains zigzag down the track. Every descent becomes an experience! Make way, wooden vehicles whiz down the racetrack! A lot of fun for all no racetrack fans, which should not be missing in any child’s room.

        *from 18 months

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        All little cooks at the stove. The oven features a hinged door, the temperature controls click when turned and the metal sink is removable. With the right cooking utensils, all sorts of delicacies can be playfully prepared and cooked, just like in a real kitchen. The kitchen cupboard offers space for the delicious groceries from the corner shop. Everything can be stowed away to save space. A children’s kitchen that makes a big impact on small play areas.
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        Who demonstrates tact? With these sound bars made of robust solid wood, little musicians learn their first rhythms and sense of rhythm in a playful way. The tone woods in the cheerful “Sound” design thus make a contribution to early musical education. Ideal for making music together in kindergarten, at school or in the children’s room. A nice addition to the “Sound” product group, which should not be missing in any music or children’s room.

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        Climb, seesaw, slide! This wooden climbing seesaw is a multifunctional all-rounder with a wide variety of options for creative play and for promoting motor skills and movement development. The form adapts to the respective function: whether as an archway, tunnel, slide, bridge or vice versa as a seesaw or balance board – there are no limits to the game variants! Particularly practical: after playing, the climbing arch can be stowed away to save space!

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        This climbing triangle is a real all-rounder as a movement toy, with which there are no limits to the creativity of little climbers! Even younger children can use the triangle for their first attempts at standing, while older children can climb the rungs and build caves, tunnels, bridges and houses. Practical: After playing, the triangle can be stowed away to save space!